Boost your Campaigns with  Radio Ads 

With more than Hundred radio stations jostling in the airwaves of India, it becomes imperative to know which station is trending highest at which location and at what point of the day. Whether you choose in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan or anywhere in India.


Pehachan is there at your service. It doesn’t matter if you want to advertise with a government owned radio station or a private radio channel, we provide you the best industrywide rates for on air spots, Radio jingles creation and Campaign planning. Our experts tell you which radio station will get you most response and when.


We are avowed to the cause of making radio advertising a pleasant experience for our clients.

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Popular Radio Advertisement Choices

Live Reads

Here you can hear commercials read in real-time online by a Radio Jockey. This type of advertisement is more effective with a really popular on-air host or the popular radio shows because advertisers hope that the host's voice or popularity of the show will carry extra weight with the show's audience. 

Sponsored Ads

Radio stations implement sponsorships for certain types of radio segments, such as traffic, weather, or sports scores during halftime of the big game. It will generally sound something like this: 'This hour's weather update brought to you by Beach Rentals. Call Beach Rentals for all of your vacation needs.

Produced Spots

A produced spot can either be a straight read of your advertising message or a read that incorporates multiple voices, sound effects or a jingle. A jingle is a short, catchy song about your company. These typically tell listeners where to find your business or your products and can be funny, serious, or informative.

Popular Radio Channels we Work With

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